Someone posted about a spindle shim

I am in need of shim up a spindle from 69mm I believe to 71mm someone here I think posted about a 3d maker that makes one but cant find the post.

typically the shims reduce size, not increase them . . . you’d have to make a new mount to fit a spindle larger than 69mm.

Four years ago, when I started using my Openbuilds 1000x1500 machine, I also ran into the problem of the mount being too big. I bought a Makita router at the time and it obviously didn’t fit in the mount. I then solved that problem by buying a piece of drainpipe with an outside diameter of 80mm. There I sawed off a piece of 20mm wide and sawed it in half again. I glued it inside the mount with contact glue and it has been there for four years now and works fine.
If you come from the Netherlands you go for cheap.

thanks for all the replies I found some thin brass stock at lowes for hobby use bent it into a half round and it worked! Nice and tight it was about 5 bucks!

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