Something for a veteran

So I recently became friends with a retired war veteran. This man is 90 years old and sharp as a tack. He and his wife have done so many things in their lives and so many places and are just wonderful people to talk to. So they’re in big Yankees fans and they both love Derek Jeter. I made this plaque for them and they were shocked surprised and extremely happy.
I got to know him because I was referred to him through other people. He was having computer issues so I helped him out. He kept telling me he had to pay me for all my time and I kept refusing. He was shocked and amazed that I would not charge him.
His wife is not in the best of health but she also is sharp as a tack. They don’t realize it but they paid me back by showing how much they appreciated not only my time but the plaque I made for them. Sometimes you just do what you Gotta do all for the sake of being kind…


Well done in every respect!