Sons of Anarchy Plaque

I made this plaque for a friend of mine that loves the television show Sons of Anarchy. His nickname is Shack so thus the inscription on the gun butt.


Looks good, I like it. Reminds me of the table they used to sit around in the show

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That’s awesome!! I was thinking the same about it looking like the table! Did you design the file for it or find it somewhere?

I’m going to need a dang external hard drive to save all this stuff too lol. Heck, I don’t even have vCarve yet!

That is outstanding! I’m thinking of making that table for my dining room.

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I got it somewhere but don’t remember where. I may have even purchased it a few months ago for this project. It is not one of the ones off the link Phil posted but those would likely work also. I bet if you search around a little bit you can find it.


Very nice your design? Or you find a good picture?

It was made with a 3D model that I added the name of my friend in the Sons of Anarchy font. I also made the custom frame around the entire design to make a framed picture plaque from a single glued up template.

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Very cool. Made it from scratch on a 3d maker?

Can i make this on a Carvey??

I see no reason why you couldn’t

Carvey doesn’t do Vcarving… so … how can i do something like that?

There is no v-carving in the plaque. Flat end mill and ball-nose endmill.

Haha, that’s pretty cool. That’s my last name too.

I’ve never done anything like this before…

Is there any tutorials you can guide me to so i can achieve this on my carvey?

I have none at the moment.

I guess i’ll try to get Fusion 360 :wink: being free and all.

I’m quite a newbie to all this, so thanks for helping!

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