Soooo i Killed Easel today

So was working on a Game of thrones Over-sized Coaster design. Had everything created and was ready to carve. Went through all the steps and when it went to generate the code Easel just hung for about 2 to 3 minutes then finally started to carve. I was using a 1/16 bit and the longer it ran the worse the carving became. It seemed to start ok but then started to look erratic was kind of weird. Havent had any other issues as of yet so was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

Have you checked the belt tensions? Maybe it isn’t the software but the hardware? Try something less complex like a circle within a square inside? See if that comes out weird also when its not carving try to move it 10 inches across the x and y axis to see if your getting any skipping?

Ok sorry about that. I have been carving just fine it just when i threw something semi complex at it is when it freaks out. Anything with alot of detail. I may just have to purchase a Laser Engraver for the finer detail stuff. But im very pleased with my Xcarve

Hi @PaulKinlaw sorry you are having problems. Would you be willing to share the file so our software engineering team can take a look? They have been doing some optimizations to Easel to handle more complexity.

Let me see if i still have it. I kinda got frustrated with it lol not sure i still have it but i maybe able to recreate it.