Sooooo lost

so it all started when my computer crashed! even since then nothing is carving right i have resurfaced the waste board double check that it as squared all that is good, all v wheels are good and belts are tight.
i was carving a flag and i did the first passed @ 1/8 and then did a second pass at 1/4. At the 1/8 pass it cut fine then when i did the 2nd passed it like it skipped going all the way to the edge. but just on the left side any help plz

Are you using 1/4" for Roughing and 1/8" for Finish?

Are you moving the gantry when changing the bit? Check your settings by going to the Machine Inspector and type in $$. Check what $1 is set to. It should be set to 255.

Do you have the X-Controller? If so, have you set the internal dip switches correctly? Check out the post below.

Is it consistently the same offset? Does the machine return to the original Work Home position? Have you attempted to perform a single bit air carve to see if the machine returns to the original Work Home position?


Brandon Parker

had same problem…flashed my firmware and it came back to life,


the gizmo