Sooooo... What do you guys use as a dust collection bin?

I have been using that Dust Deputy on a 5 gal bucket. The Hardware store buckets are thin-walled (70 mil), and will eventually cave in. A good paint bucket, or the pickle bucket from Firehouse Subs, is 90 mil, and should not collapse with the suction from your shop vac.
I am using a Firehouse pickle bucket at the moment, but am in the process of upgrading my dust collection to include the 2HP (or so it claims) Harbor Freight model with a Super Dust Deputy.

Does the super dust deputy have 4" in/out? that’s my problem now. I’m looking at the harbour freight floor model for $149.99 and it has 4" input and my sanding table has 4" output but if I understand correctly, the dust duputy only has a 2.5" in/out.

There is a 4" in/out, but it’s more expensive than the 5" in, 6" out that I bought.{17F46883-40BB-471E-982F-E5F28583241B}
The standup Harbor Freight dust collector has a 6" inlet and includes an adapter to 2 4" inlets. Harbor freight often has 20% off 1 item coupons, which makes the bigger one not much more expensive than the small one.

Thank you for the info. I have to go with the smaller version because of space constraints.

I am using a Festool CT36 with a cyclone. I have a large DC setup but I don’t want to run a 5HP DC for an hour or more at a time. My electric bill would be nuts and my very gracious Better Half would shut me down.

If you have the money this is the perfect system.


Caster wheels and plywood and foam gasket (box to lid seal) and case hasps and rubber gasket (lid to cyclone) and copper tape. Size that just fits a particular corner.

The Eagle blue HDPE drum is what I use. Works great, thick enough to handle the pressure differential.

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I’m thinking of figuring out a setup to stick a bag in mine and create a frame to keep it from collapsing that will pull out easy for easy dumping. currently i’m shoveling mine out with a dust pan.

how are you handling emptying yours?

Mine fits into a recess and is held in by gravity. That way I can just pop the top and dump it into my trash can.

a bag? or the can?

My can is in the corner behind my cnc. setup with rockler hookups for the cyclone. it’s easy enough to get it out and open it up, dumping it out is a pain. Trying to keep down on how much dust gets kicked up when emptying. I don’t hook my planer/jointer to it though… instant fill up in minutes.

Oh okay, I see what you’re saying, the dust problem. I do not use a bag inside the container, I just dump it straight into my trash can whenver I’m cleaning it out.

I made a ‘Thein Baffle’ style separator modeled after Mathias’s design It utilizes two 5 gal buckets and almost no dust gets to the shop vac.

No more cleaning filters!

I’ve done the same thing and can fill up the bottom bucket and only have a couple of tablespoons of dust in the shop vac. I did upgrade my shop vac. I switched to the harbor freight dust collector blower. I don’ t even need to run it with a filter bag. That is how good this design works.

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