Sooooo... What do you guys use as a dust collection bin?

I’ve finally reached my limit of patience with this thing… I can only run my vacuum for a good minute and a half and then I have to shut it off and wait and constantly do this… If I don’t well this happens… I first tried one of cardboard type containers, that instantly went poof, then I switched to this thinking it would be sturdy enough but it isn’t… I almost wish I would of went with a lower peak hp vacuum, (This one is 6HP Peak) Anyways, anyone else with a dust deputy what do you use? I didn’t want to go with the smaller pales but at this point I think I don’t have much of a choice, I feel like I’d be stuck dumping it too often.

Dust deputy and homer bucket, but you have to add another home over it to keep it from doing that. I’m planning a real dust collection grizzly.

Pickle bucket from firehouse subs. Comes with a lid with a gasket. $2… can’t be beat…


Yeah this happens no matter what, I usually have my dust shoe about an inch off of my piece and it still collapses.

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regular 50 gallon plastic trash can from the depot, I cut a disk that goes inside so it wont collapse cut it with the carve its getto rigged with duct tape and pvc pipe looks like some nightmare before Christmas meets dr stuff. ill post some pics when I get a minute. nice thing is I run my table saw band and a few others off of it dump it every two months usually, dust bag every few weeks. hooked up to a 1 1/2 hrs dust collector

Try a Harbor Freight Dust Collector. I got mine with a coupon for $169, and it’s terrific.

Steel garbage can with a cyclone lid. Works great!

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You could try internal support in your barrel. I remember seeing a YouTube video about this at some point.
I use the DD with the included bucket and a baby shop vac I got at walmart for $18. The whole thing takes up less than 2 sq feet and works great.

You may also want to take out that huge sag of slack. Unless that’s really serving a purpose you are needlessly adding not only drag on the air, especially with the right 180 degree turn, but it’s also a place where things could build up and create potential blockages- even if momentary.

We are using metal barrel used to stock petrol. Same problem we had at the beggining. Now metal one seems to be perfect and we payed around 35usd.

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It all depands what you want to achieve. If problem is only the barrel destroyed then yes the hole will help BUT you will lose like 15% of sucking abilities (depanding on your tube length) with just 1" hole. It is a lot especially if you do not have big reserves of sucking power.

He have to buy a new barrel anyway because this is damaged and even after making it stright will bend much easier and when he has to buy new one, just buy the metal one (used) for small money. So making a hole is not good advice here in my opinion.

The idea will work of course, my main poin is that he has to buy new barrel anyway and then when he buys metal one, problem will dissapear.

Good sucing system will not weaken because of the 1" hole but when you use a normal vacuum cleaner for example, difference is huge.

I better start saving up my pennies! I already have a long list of tools I want and just recently decided to get into metal working. Portable band saw is my number one tool i’d like right now

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This is using the $20 4" cyclone separator. Works fantastic and very easy to clean. Dust deputy isn’t worth the price for the larger one.

woah thats quite the build! I am in the midst of making my own 2x72" belt sander. Still shopping for a cheap used motor for it.

I used that exact same bin, but with a shopvac, instantly went poof. I’m thinking of jusr using a small pale and I’ll go and buy a cheap dust collector

This bin is not a cheap one I get them from my work, They are quite thick and I used it with my wall mounted shop vac first. Then I upgraded to this collector and its sooo much better. I also added my version of a dust boot (4") to my Xcarve, what you think? I have no dust issues when running, my wife even noticed it.

That’s definitely different! If it works it works! I was stuck paying 140$ for mine I think it was, I barely use it due to this dust bin problem.