[sorted] Anyone know a reliable supplier of stepper motors in UK?

It’s fairly quickly become apparent that I may be needing to upgrade to NEMA 23 spec steppers on the X and Y axis. I should have listened to advice when ordering the kit!
Shipping cost from US doesn’t make sense so is there anybody UK/EU based that can recommend a reliable European based supplier of 140oz-in NEMA23 that doesn’t involve a 6 week shipping wait from China?


Yeah, thought of that one. I was hoping to stay as close to the Inventables spec for the motors as possible and couldn’t find quite what I wanted.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Nema 23 and Nema 24 share the same hole pattern. I am using double stack Nema 24’s which work just fine, except on the Z-axis. In that case you have to flip the motor upside down and use spacers. No biggie.

This one would work perfectly:

To determine wire pairings, connect one wire to another wire. See if shaft is difficult to turn. If not, try another. Once a pair is found it will be much more difficult to turn the shaft than when no wires are connected. Find the two pairs, hook up and rock on. If it spins backwards, switch one pair.

That’s interesting - those ones didn’t show up on my Amazon search 30 min ago. Changed my default delivery address from France to UK and now they do! Thanks for that - 3 ordered.