[Sovled] "Problem uploading to Board" error message

Hi folks, Just finished assembling my 1000mm X-Carve.

Everything seems to be wired correctly and the blue led is lit up, not the green one.

However, when I attempt to upload the “blink” (or any code for that matter) code, I receive the “Problem uploading to board” error message.

Please help.

Have you run through the setup in Easel?

If you have no green lights means you have no USB connection. You must download and install Arduino Software first then start Easel to do machine setup.

And please don’t try to upload the blink code, it will wipe out the pre-installed grbl that’s on there :smile:

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The instructions on here are pretty good but make sure you install the Arduino software BEFORE plugging in the Arduino if your using a Windows machine. If your using a laptop the USB ports may not have enough juice to power the Arduino also.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I went back and started the installation from Scratch. The green LED’s being referred to were under the v-shield board. Once I took that off and saw the light, everything was as it should be. Now when I attempt to set up the x-carve in Easel, the setup just keeps cycling when I select the COM port. Is this normal? How long should it take to find the COM port?

The Arduino Port shows up in “View devices and Printers” as COM4.

When setting up Easel I have noticed that on some computers when selecting com port starts I click on the right box and the spinning wheel starts, it will stay that way unless you use the up down arrows to select the com port number. Sometimes the up/down arrows are not visible until I move the cursor to the right side of the middle box. In the pictures below the third box does not show since there are no com ports on this machine.

This shows an empty box, but when you mouse over the right side of the box…

The up/down arrows appear!

This had me confused when I first set mine up also

I did select my port, which happens to be COM4. I’m still not getting any connection.

I believe you said you flashed your arduino with the blink program, correct? If so you have to re flash it with the correct GRBL install. There are a few threads on here about where to get that, or maybe someone else can link to it if you confirm that is what happened.

Yes, that is correct, I did flash it with the Blink code.

Can anybody offer a link with instructions to upload the GRBL program back onto the Uno?

Thanks kindly,

You’ll want the X-Loader to load a hex file onto your Arduino:


And here’s the hex file, it’s labeled 500mm but it’s the correct one for any x-carve:

grbl0_9i_X_Carve_500mm_ACME (1).hex


Resolved. The arduino had been flashed. Uploading GRBL again fixed the issue.

@RaymondWollman glad this got figured out. We’re trying to figure out why you uploaded the blink program. @PeterJames was correct that when you do that it wipes out the firmware we preloaded for you.

We want to improve the instructions so other people don’t attempt this. Would you be able to explain what happened that prompted you to upload the blink program so we can fix the workflow?

Hi Zack, I didn’t pay close enough attention to the instructions that stated to stop at Step 4 on the Arduino site so I kept going through the instructions on their page, my bad.

I do have a different issue now that I have everything running. My steppers motors don’t “step” when they are moving… instead each time I hit the axis arrows, it moves about a inch and almost seems to come to an idling stop, rather than immediate.

Hi @RaymondWollman I don’t think it’s your bad. We need to figure out a better way to write the instructions such that you don’t get pulled away onto a different page and have to remember something on the page before.

With regards to the other issue start a new troubleshooting thread. We like to have one problem per thread so people in the future can search and find other people that had the same problem and read the solutions.