[Sovled] The forum is eating images! (errrr...apparently it's just me)

I seem to remember this being a concern with the Amazon hosting, and it seems to have come to pass - unless I’m just having a weird internet problem, all of the pictures that get copied to the S3 host just…vanish. I linked to a picture on my own hosting, and it showed up for a little while until the forums did that automatic local copy trick, and PWOOF! Gone. I just edited my link back in to that post, let’s see how long it lasts.

So, is it just me? :smile:

Are you sure? Do you have an example link I can show our dev team?

The Loc Line dust collection Tip Jar thread is a good example from my end - the only two media extras I can see are a Youtube video, and photo linked from Dropbox that doesn’t seem to have had its link changed.

I’m trying to upload a picture for you here as well, but it’s just coming up blank:

If I throw it on my own web server, it shows up until the forums cache it:


And just now as I refreshed this thread again, the image I originally linked from my server is missing. If it’s not just me having a bad day with an S3 server, it would appear as though Amazon has pulled the rug out from under you on this one.

Do you have the link to the image on S3 like this:


The first one I tried to link above was “https://discuss-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/425565b559449ba01c413c2c7937085e72b58378eeef.jpg

The second, post-cache, is “https://discuss-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/42634f2f7c1865fb4926d995a0a5eb22e2a2cef1f791.jpg

Neither will load from inside the forum, nor do they work for me if I paste the links directly into the browser.

If I’m the only one having this problem, it’s probably not worth spending a lot of time on. :smiley:


They are both working for me when I paste them into the URL bar. What browser are you using?

Didn’t even think to try a different browser (doh!). I’m on Firefox 38.0.5, and now that you bring it up, this is a pretty recent browser update and may have broken something. Those image links all seem to work fine for me in Internet Explorer 11.

Sorry for the “sky is falling!” post, I have stuff go wrong so infrequently that I just automatically assume it’s a server-side problem.

Oh, here’s something interesting - as soon as I turned off the uBlock ad blocking extension, everything popped right back into existence. Something must have changed on the back end there and screwed me all up.

Jeez…now I feel like a great big tool LOL…sorry Zach!

No worries. I feel like my computer is always the broken one, my arduino is always corrupted, my wiring is always intermittent.

These things are all touchy. I’m just glad we have a great group of supportive people with lots of experience to help us through it.

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I certainly appreciate the fact that you’re still up this late and reading/answering posts.

Have a beer and get some sleep! :smiley: