Spacer Plate for Z Axis (DeWalt 611)

Anyone who has used the DeWalt611 probably has the issue of the casing rubbing up on the top of the Z Axis mount. Thoughts on this modification? Is there anything I need to worry about by moving it outward by 3mm?

I had to space mine out about ½ inch so it would clear. Doesn’t seem to be a problem.

I know 3D printing is great and all, but wouldn’t have been easy (and probably take way less time) to just grab some 3mm material and cut a square and then drill some holes in it? How long did that take to print?

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Oh I wish I could make things more complex by adding a 3d printer to the mix! :smile:

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Thanks… I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one.

Rusty, it only took about 2 hours to print that plate. It does take a little time, but not if you design, print and walk away. Worth the wait for me.

Since the spacer is only 3mm thick, then it may have no affect on your overall cut. Do keep in mind the further away from the gantry the spindle is, the more torsional force the spindle will introduce on the Z axis.

This really should only become a problem if you push the spindle further out say 20mm or so. These are rough numbers but I think you get my drift.

It’s all about balance.

The main reason why I say that your mod will introduce very little adverse affects is bc of many of the dust shoes currently being added to these machines. I am referring to the dust shoes that are Attached Directly to the spindle or the spindle mount. The extra weight of the hose and the shoe and anything else connected to the DC system will have about the same effect on the Z axis as your mod.

Several individuals here are using this type of shoe and are not complaining about adverse effects from the weight. With that said your mod should be fine.

Lol awesome to each their own! I have found myself almost cutting out simple stuff on my X-Carve then realize it only will take 5 minutes using a more simple method.

Don’t get me wrong I love 3D printing and think its a great tool. There is always the struggle of finding the right tool/tools for the job.

I went an even easier route, I simply rotated the router in the mount a little and it clears.


Michael, thanks for the breakdown. I didn’t even think about the other stuff like the dust boots etc.

Erik, I tried rotating it, but it still rubbed on the top.

I wish it would have been that easy.

Thanks again guys!!

I went an even simpler (but less elegant) route. I sanded off the raised portion of the yellow housing on the router. With care it is possible to remove sufficient plastic that it clears the Z- Axis without having to use a spacer plate. Obviously a downside to this approach is that you are probably invalidating the guarantee.

it didn’t work for me

So Steve please tell me, did that solution worked fine?, no problem with the motor case, or even the functioning?, I’m close to do the same! thanks in advance

Yes worked fine.

It is not enough, I tried it before, but finally I had to sand it a little