Spacing advise for newbie


Can anyone please help with a design issue I’m facing as a newbie in Easel and CNC.

I’m starting off with an 8.5mm plywood sheet that is 36.1cm x 22.3cm

I need to cut 60 circles in the board at precise locations/spacings.

The holes are on a grid of 6x10 holes.

The holes are 8mm in diameter, and each hole has 26mm at either side and up and down.

I’m using an 1/8” compression bit with a Makita router in a FoxAlien Masuter Pro.

I’ve chosen to cut circles rather than drill holes in order to give a cleaner finish.

I’ve attached 2 images. One shows the completed board with 60 holes, and one shows the spacing between the holes.

I’ve figured out how to create circles to the correct width, depth etc, but I’m struggling on the spacing and positioning of the board.



If click on Lego piece on the left side, you will find quite a few Apps.


Thank you Ken,
I’ve just finished going the long way around the block, but at least it got me more familiar with the software.

I drew the circles I needed, then drew squares measuring 26mm, then positioned each circle around, and after about an hour of copy and pasting, and tweaking XY coordinates I think I got there.
But I’ll be checking out that replicator app for future reference.

I’m still stuck on another problem that I posted in the software forum group though, regarding the Play button being greyed out on UGS… I’ve been stuck on this issue all day!


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