Spam wars have begun!

It seems like the inventables forum is being attacked by spanners and although they have placed Ip blockers, it is not enough for spammers and potential hackers from spamming the forums my knowledge is very limited on network security but I know that someone must know about how to prevent this from happening and possibly would be willing to donate his/her time and help the inventables team so they can worry about what is important now ( delivering you x-carve)

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:blush: thank you for your support!

I’m really sorry for the annoyance the spam is causing. We are now looking into more robust spam fighting tactics including automated / manual moderation, more stringent trust levels and disabling certain features for new users like “mail to respond” which may be easy for spammers to take advantage of.

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@SergioPagoada I’m going to close this thread because there is already a thread on spam here Spam Issue [ongoing] and I don’t want to have to update many different threads. Thanks!