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Speaker box design

Need help in designing a speaker box.

Can anyone in here help me ?

What kind of help are you looking for? I’ve built many, most for car audio, some for home.

It’s a small 2 way design with passive radiator on sides of box.

What’s your email. I can send you pics

Drivers? Any specs you have (vas, qts, qms, qes, ect) why a passive radiator? Do you want flat response .707 or a bump.
Or do you just want a box.

Just want a box

cut out 4 squares all equal in size. Glue together to make a box. Let dry for 30-50 minutes, Sand.

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Definitely need more information, ported box non ported. There are calculators on the internet that will tell you the required volume of the box. And as Bob said using a table saw to cut out a simple box would be much more efficient.

What size drivers, is there something special shape wise you are looking for?

If you’re going passive radiator, to my knowledge all that really matters is the internal volume. The internal volume will control the air pressure needed to move the passive radiator woofer.

After that, it’s just about building a box.

Sometimes you need to think outside the “box”, do cool stuff on your X-Carve, there is lots of inspiration out there.


thing of type speakers and Size you have in mind.
that would give you a dimension that you have to work with.

Why does a 10" sub box have a 14" hole? :smiley:

Marc, what drivers?

7 inch driver with soft dome tweeter

There is the golden ratio for speaker boxes. Of 0.6 x 1.0 x 1.6. If you have the speaker number/brand I might be able to design a better box.
What brand / size pasive radiator (not a fan but they can work).

that was error on diameter

There are great basic plans on this speaker driver site that clearly communicate the correct volume and proportions. There’s a lot of math figured out for you.
If you select a driver on this page, there will be a few plans based on that driver size. You could obviously substitute your own drivers, as long as it’s close in spec.

Like Bob said, a table saw or even hand saw will be faster for the main pieces, but the X-carve will help make the speaker cut-out, port hole and for connections on the back.
or look at 18 Sound speaker website

Can anyone help me build a box that is ported for 2 8 inch Skar 1200 watt rms subs? The dimensions are 23 inch length, height is 10 inch, and width is 12 inch.