Speeds after upgrade

I just installed the new upgrade for the x-carve. I changed all the setttings in GRBL to what is instructed by Inventables website instructions. When I click on a project that would take 2hrs to carve before the upgrade still takes 2 hours after the upgrade. what am I missing here?

You would need to edit your toolbox bit feed rates and depth per pass in order to decrease the carve times.

By completing the install you have inserted the physical ability to go deeper per pass and use faster feeds. But until you edit the cut settings in the design, then you will continue to carve at the same depths and feeds as prior resulting in no change to the times.

I was expecting that Inventables would have new default feeds and speeds based on selection of “upgraded” X-Carve. We should be able to select the upgrades in machine setup and have new recommended speeds.

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What is this new upgrade? Did I miss something? I noticed all my cut time calculations seem long on projects I have done before.


There are wider belts for x,y and another upgrade for direct driven z (no more circle belt) which also uses linear rails and is taller…


BUT due to improvements in easel toolpathing methods, your carve times should actually be lower than b4 even with the stock setup.

I run 150 feed rate after my upgrades.

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Ive been pushing 180 with a 1/4" bit cutting @.0625 on hard maple after adding the 9mm belts, larger steppers, and new Z. I also have aluminum stiffeners in addition to the plastic stiffener/dust shields. Next week I’m adding a full .50" aluminum bed and swapping to a 2.25hp router that can handle 1/2" bits. I’m hoping to maintain those speeds and increase depth of cut.