Speeds and feeds help 2/25/21

I have a project that i need to use the 1/32 fishtail down cut and I know the automatic settings are definitely too fast. the design is gonna be cut on a piece of pine at a cutting depth of 0.04 inches. I need to know what speeds i should set the tool or if someone could share a document with material data for different types of wood for I can calculate the speeds and feeds myself. Thanks!

I was using the pink 1/32 Solid Carbide Downcut Fish Tail Spiral Bit, but it snapped mid-process – which is a pain, as it’s the only one I’ve got.

I was using it to cut a series of pockets in 18mm plywood to test cut three badge profiles and some lettering, with the following settings:

Stepover: 0.397mm
Depth per Pass: 1.270mm
Plunge rate: 203.2mm
Feed rate: 254mm
RPM: 10,000
Max Depth: 3mm

But the response I got when I asked, was "The depth per pass looks a bit too much. A good rule of thumb is 50%D maximum.

I’m no expert, but I hope this helps.