Spider man font

A lady in work was telling me her daughter was finding it hard to get a room sign for her son whos name is seán. All the signs she seen didn’t have the fada over the “a”. She was saying he is mad about Spiderman so I thought I’d have a mess around on easel pro seen as I had one free carve day left and wanted to try out a spiderman font I found.
I gave a 290mm x 230mm bit of mdf a couple of coats of red that I had lying around and when it dried stuck a sheet of vinyl over it to make a paint mask.
I only had a 20° & 90° v bit to hand and the 20° looked way to long to carve for a practice so I used the 90°.
The webbing on the txt was tiny so it didn’t turn out the best

I gave it a it few coats of black spay paint earlier so I’'ll pull the vinyl off in a bit and see how it turns out


I like that a lot, wish I would have had that when my son was still young.

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Thanks. Picking off the vinyl is a pain in the backside lol


Cool font. Would you mind sharing where you got it?

I feel like a scolded school boy. Lol.

Hold on. I’ll ask google where the corner is. Lol

At least he didn’t say to go sit in the corner of a round room.

Sorry. I’ve been awag from the laptop for a while. @RobertCanning got there before me. Thanks Robert

Just a quick update . Just redone this sign


My son loves spiderman


And the Hulk


You trumped me with them 2. Great work sir.

Super easy to do. If you have VCarve. Or any program to trace a bitmap.

@CurtisCummings how Superman?

They need another coat of paint then some poly.


I want V carve badly. All I have is easel and
Adobe illustrator for now:frowning:

You can never go wrong with Superman.

I loved the movies myself when I was younger

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Hey curtis, can I ask where you got the vector for this. I have the lady othe spiderman sign and the haughter wants a hulk one for her son now. Did you use a v bit for that?

Here’s my attempt at the hulk. Just have to paint it up

It looks blue but its actually green lol . Not as mush detail in the head cause I only had a 90°v bit :frowning:

I would have bet a pay check I replied to this. Sorry. Looks like you found it any way. Looks good