Spindle collett too big?

I am a brand new X-Carver (just finished assembly). I am trying to install an 1/8" bit onto the spindle, but the collet nut seems too big and won’t tighten around the bit. Is there a second smaller collet nut supposed to be provided, or an adapter of some kind, or am I doing something wrong?

yes. inventables sells, ( and others) a 1/4-1/8" adapter. it SHOULD come with the machine, since they sell bits in 1/8" pretty much exclusively. do you have any 1/4" shank bits?

Thank you for repsonding. No, I do not have any 1/4" bits. I do see that Inventables sells a precision grade 1/8" collet for $25 plus $15 delivery. It seems a little steep. Do you recommend a 1/4 to 1/8" adapter?

i use these. exclusively. buy a couple for $10 to make it worth the goofy shipping

Thanks, you’ve been very helpful! I appreciate it.

Are you sure that the adapter did not come with the router. Mine was included in the box when I purchased my X-Carve 2 months ago.

If it was supposed to come with the kit and none is found Inventables may provide you with one. Let them know :slight_smile:

As others said, you should have one. It’s just a small metal ring/tube. Doesn’t look like much.

I checked everywhere in the box, but did not find it. Thanks for your help! I guess I’ll just get one.

Thank you. I plan on contacting them this morning. Thanks for your help.

I thought it may be packaged in a small plastic bag, maybe with the wrench, but I didn’t find it. Thanks for your help!

Before you go and spend the money on that I would call inventables first. they were great with me on a broken part that came I had the replacement within 48 hours at no charge. The customer service is great. One last place you may want to look in inside the 1/4" collet. Sometimes they ship the router with the adapter installed already.

You’re right. Thank you very much!

I purchased the xcarve with the 611 mount but no router and that reducer came with the mount.

I checked every box and bag. Still haven’t found it. Thanks for the information!

Elaire sells various size collets for the DeWalt. I’ve been using an Elaire collet for 3+ years with no problems. You can check them out at: http://elairecorp.com/dewaltroutercollets.html

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

I’ve had my X Carve for several years now. Right away, I bought the 1/4 to 1/8 adapter. No new collet nut needed. I have a fair assortment of both size bits, but, as I got further into carving, I have been trying to “standardize” on 1/4 to simplify tool changes. I’m using Aspire to develop tool paths. As much as I can, I run the tool paths consequently, just changing bits and re-zeroing Z (only) if the machine is still online.

Of course, if the job is very long, I take a break and start up later. It may be a little more difficult to get some smaller bits with a 1/4 shaft. For example, one of my best bits for finishing is a 1/16 ball-end. To get down to 1/16 from 1/4

, the bit is tapered as shown in the photo. The taper may or may not be a problem depending upon the depth of cut and what you’re cutting.

Thanks for the information! I appreciate the advice!