Spindle control from Easel

I have searched again for how to wire the spindle control to the electronics, step 13 is all I can find and I must be missing something because I do not see in that step what pins on the Arduino/Grbl I need to wire to the power supply. Since I did not order electronics with my upgrade kit, I did not receive the header pins that are supposed to be soldered to the Arduin, but I think I can source those locally.

What I really need to know is what pins need to be wired to the two connectors on the power supply for speed control and spindle on/off to function.

@AllenMassey, I’n putting together some images and getting the pin out for you as soon as I get back to my computer.

Edit: Actually, most of the information was right here in the forum… check out this page:

On this image, note the yellow and black wires coming out of the front PWM:

On mine it looks like this:

Since the diagram is a little old, the other black wires aren’t running to this same pin, they are going to the same ground as the 24v fan and the ground from the gShield itself. This leaves only the PWM ground wire to be crimped like so:

Then as the diagram shows, connect the yellow and black wires to pins D11 and GND respectivly. This image from the instructions under Electronics Step 13 gives a hint as to where they would go and is were I took my cue from when putting together the machine in the first place:

Hope that helps.

Thank you @sketch42 that is exactly the information I needed!

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So quick question I’m running Dewalt router, which won’t have speed control, but I was using relay hoping to control on and off. Do I need yellow and black wire hooked up

Yes, you’ll still need the yellow/black wires that run from the gShield to the power supply interface. Those carry the logic signal that actually tells the power supply when to turn the spindle on and off. :smile: