Spindle control relay question

I would like to use the spindle control option on my x-carve with the DeWalt 611 router. I got this Elesta relay: http://www.1sourcecomponents.com/store/product_info.php/elesta-sim312-12vdc-safety-relay-4pst-3no1nc-12vdc-p-23948.
When i connect it to the 0-10v output it’s not doing very much. When i connect it to the PWM output it seems like there is not enough power to activate the relay. You can hear it clicking.

Other option i have is this RobotDyn 5V relay: https://robotdyn.com/relay-module-2-relay-5v-30a.html.
Seems like i need an additional 5V power input?

Could one of the options be usefull for the spindle control or do i need a different relay?

The first relay will not work properly.

There is not enough information on the second relay to be able to determine if it would work or not.

Maximum current draw from either the PWM output pin or the 0 - 10 volt output is 40 mA.

Best to draw less than that if possible.

Search the forum for “IoT relay”.


I’ve found that these relays work as well. They are everywhere on ebay and dirt cheap.

Yeah, seems like the same as the RobotDyn 5V relay. Question is. How to connect? Do i need an external power supply for the relay?

it uses logic level 5V to switch the relay. This 5V should come from the ‘spindle enable’ pin on whatever controller you have.

so if the gcode interpreter reads a spindle on command, it puts 5V on the designated pin on the controller. This 5V switches the relay and the AC gets switched on/off depending on your NO or NC wire connection.