Spindle doesn't start after probing Z axis

I have built my CNC machine based on MKS DLC32 with external stepper drivers, NEMA23 motors and ballscrews. Everything seems to be OK mechanically but I have weird issue with spindle starting: I use Festool MFK700 as a spindle connected via solid state relay connected to spindle output of the MKS DLC32. Everything is working fine when I set Z position in Easel manually, spindle starts, stops and no issues there. When I use Z probing (in Easel) to set Z height it touches the plate, retracts etc but the spindle doesn’t start (LED on the relay doesn’t come lit and there is no power sent to the spindle). All other settings are the same in both cases (manual/probe z height) except the spindle - doesn’t start when probing Z, does start when z set manually. Any ideas what might be an issue there? Am I missing any settings in GRBL (had to invert probe signal otherwise it was always showing as connected/closed)?

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I’m having the same problem. Manually doesn’t help if your doing two stage carving

Any help out there

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