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Spindle doesn't work (3018 Genmitsu)

Just installed brand new spindle and it still won’t turn on. Everything else works fine, step motors and carve, Spindle just will not turn on

Which spindle did you install?

Also when I manually enter S1000 M3 command the spindle will turn on for a second and then shut off

Genmitsu GS-775M 20000RPM 775 CNC Spindle Motor with 5mm ER11 Collet Set, DC 24V, High Power, Noise Suppression, Electrical DC Motor for 3018 CNC Router Machine

I had the same problem not long ago. I forgot to setup my machine properly. So you need to go into to easel, then on the tool bar click machine and setup.

For more info please watch this video, as it shows how to setup the cnc 3018.

Also if you have the woodpecker board, please make sure that the wires are the right way round. (cause if they aren’t they may blow the board, as i fried one. So check before you connect and that goes for the laser too)

For reference here is link to board:

Hope this helps


The machine is set up correctly. It has been working perfectly for years and out of the blue it stopped working. I can only imagine there is some software update I haven, done.