Spindle falling out

The long screw up on my Z axis spindle keeps falling out. I’ve put it back in several times however, after about 10 mins of carving it falls this, damaging my cut. It’s even broken a bit.

When you say you put it back in, did you actually reconnect it or did you just push it back up in the hole?

The stepper motor and the rod have to be connected by a coupler of some sort, and it looks like yours is no longer coupling the two. Sorry, I had to… :slight_smile: Seriously though, you need to reattach it. I have not used this upgrade kit, but if the coupler being used has a set-screw, then that needs to be tightened down (and possibly use some blue Loctite on it) with the rod inserted. I would also check the other side as well…


Brandon Parker

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