Spindle gets Very Hot

I finished assembly late last night and went out this morning to go through the set up in Easel to make my first practice cuts. It actually worked like a charm. However I have one question. My spindle seemed to get awfully hot for the ten minutes it ran to do the little test cut. Does everyone’s get that hot that fast? I can imagine it eventually taking a toll on that spindle at that heat. What would people recommend as a replacement if and when it does die? Thanks in advance for the help and tips. I plan on making chips as long as the spindle will cut.


Mine will get warm, but not hot.

Check out the spindle thread for replacement ideas.

Contact Inventables tech support - help@inventables.com . With a new installation, they should take care of you. I have a Shapeoko2 with a 300W DC spindle and it barely feels warm after cutting for over an hour.

I need to qualify my statement by saying I have the 48V 300W spindle that requires half the current (amps) of the 24V. The additional current draw might make your spindle get a bit hotter.

Make sure you’re not running slow. Slower the speed, more heat on spindle. I suggest experience by listening sound. If it is screaming, it is too fast, if it is so quiet then you’re running too slow.

Mine also gets really hot. I posted a similar question some time ago and heard from Inventables: ‘‘The spec is for the case temperature during operation is to be below 80C which is 176F.’’. Someone else said: if you can tap the metal 10x with your fingers (without burning) it is below 80C. Keep in mind that aluminium is an incredible heat conducter. (all paraphrased, check the actual reply under: ‘‘spindle too hot’’). Cheers

Ran mine for 2.5 hours yesterday. Temp seemed to max out around 60C. Measured with a laser thermometer.

All, just an update, I ran several projects on my Xcarve today and checked my temp, it seems to be doing just fine. The hottest reading I got was about 115 degrees with an infrared thermometer. Thanks all for the reply’s and help.