Spindle is not turning on and off automatically

I just upgrade from grbl 8 to 9, now when I am using Easel the spindle is on all the time. I set it to automatic but still the same, “ON” all the time. Any recommendation?

Thanks in advance.

Shapeoko 2
24v spindle
arduino uno and grbl

The wiring changed from grbl 0.8 to 0.9 for the spindle control.

Thanks Erik for the info.

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what exactly is the benefit of updating?
I’m probably ignorant but i’mperfectly happy with 0.8.

There have been numerous changes including; stability improvements, probing feature, smoother pulse generation, soft limits, and much more.

Note, Easel likes grbl 0.9 slightly more than 0.8.

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Hi, I swaped the pin based on grbl 1.09 requierent to operate the spindle. It now works automatic in Easel but Is not working in UGS. The spindle in not turing on in UGS. Maybe I did something wrong. Will appreciate your help.

For mine to work in UGS I also have to send the spindle speed for the relay to work.

I send: S12500 M3 to turn it on
M5 to turn it off.

I typed M3, M5, M03, M05, nothing happen. What is S12500? The relay is in on at full speed.
I am new on this, retired and very interested in cnc as my primary hobby.


S12500 is spindle speed…this is not needed for GRBL, but for my setup it is needed to trip the relay.

send this with UGS by typing in the command

S12500 M03