Spindle jogging not working

I can run a homing sequence but can not jog machine after it homes. Software functions as it should and acts like it is carving although the router does not leave the home position. I am assuming that the stepper motors are working, just a problem with the software or control board that controls movement of router. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? thanks…

Can you explain?

A video would be really helpful :slight_smile:

Software runs as normal, simulate etc. Basically, everything seems to be functioning correctly except the jogging functions. I can load gcode and view everything as normal, stop and pause cutting routine, but spindle not moving. I have double check the wiring and all seems to be correct. Also, reloaded software several times and restarted everything. I know I am missing something simple, just can’t seem to find it.

What software are you using? Have you done the machine setup procedure in Easel?

Yes, several times. No change, machine homes just fine, but will not move with software after that.

Software responds as if it is actually cutting, but spindle is stationary.

Do you know how to display the grbl parameters using Easel -> Machine Inspector -> Advanced?

Post the values here.

[MSG:Reset to continue]
[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]

Are these the parameters you were referencing?

Yes the $$ output.

If your post is the first thing printed out then the homing sequence is not working.

You should not have to do a $X after a good homing cycle.

Did you install the Arduino IDE? Know how to use the serial monitor?

I can help you better if you talk directly to grbl.

Yes, installed Arduino IDE and no on serial monitor. I will research that and post more later…thanks

Rewired entire control box and arduino. Now computer can not find unit on COM3. Do you know of any link for trouble shooting Uno and gshield to confirm whether either or both are defective?

Take the gShield off of the Arduino and see if you can connect with grbl.

Still won’t connect and I now have no resistance or X.Y or Z axis. The Arduino lights up for power but, Easel can’t find COM3 to finish setup.May have buggered it up.

Terminate all programs that talk to the serial port that your Arduino is hooked up to.

use device manager to see if the arduino is listed under the ports section

The Arduino Uno is listed in the device manager on COM 3. The green lights on the gshield for each axis are not working at all. Well, they light up if I move things manually but not when machine is turned on and idle. I assume that is why there is no resistance on axis.

Let’s move this offline. I’ll PM you.