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Spindle not firing up

hi guys,i have a 3018 pro and im struggling to get the spindle to rotate.ive gone through the set up and jogging xyz axis then goes onto the spindle and nothing happens.any ideas would be awesome.thanks.steve

You’d need to set the spindle as the 24V Spindle option, Then change it from Manual to Automatic and set the appropriate RPM. Shown Here:

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After months of no problem, my spindle suddenly stopped working also. I was able to get the spindle to work on Candle, but I’m not good with that program. Easel changed the way that machine settings are done, might that be the problem. I have it set to 24V, automatic, sainsmart 3018. Can anyone provide advice.

So you can export the gcode and verify the Sxxxxx line at the beginning of the gcode is present, this would identify that the Spindle is set properly to Automatic AND a proper RPM is set.

You may also want to check the grbl settings and verify that $31=0 and $30= (the max RPM you want to use,…10,000 is typical for 3018) The S value mentioned prior should correlate to the $30 value…

IF you like, you can copy over all of your grbl Settings. IF you selected the “other grbl cnc” selection at the machine setup then your grbl settings will not be changed by Easel HOWEVER if you had selected one of the X-Carves by accident, this selection will change a few of your cnc’s grbl settings.

Personally, for the 3018 I prefer to setup Easel to not connect to the CNC, but instead I export the gcode and send through OpenBuilds Control: