Spindle not moving on top bar to one side

I can only move my spindle in one direction so far. Can anyone give me ideas on what is happening? https://discuss-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/original/3X/6/f/6fef6f56230c06413fcf6438a5ef6c68fb3fcaed.MOV

someone correct me if I am wrong but it looks like your drag chain is either on wrong or not the right length

I would go back in the instructions and take a look

That is the length of drag chain I received. I will go back and look over my drag chain instructions and see if something was missed during assembly

That’s the Y drag chain that you have on the X axis. You need to swap drag chains.

The new Xcarve’s Y drag chain is only intended for about half the axis as it butts up to the Xcontroller spot.


ahh yes that has to be it

You two guys are awesome! Thank you so much!!! Learning as I go.

Now I am stumped. Took both drag chains off and laid side by side and they are the same size. I went to my assembly instruction manual that I pulled off Inventables and in the pic of drag chains they lay sided by side and same size?

@JustinBusby, took my drag chains off and reassembled, I am good on that now. Put all back together and now my spindle will not move right to left??? Any ideas

Check your X stepper connections, sometimes just a few strands will screw up the connection.

Hey Brian
I checked all connections and they are secure. Here is a video not sure if you can tell anything from that

your videos are not working on the forum are they


when you upload them to youtube?

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