Spindle not returning to home after cut is complete

After completing my carve ( carve is good) the router runs to the right and jams against the side makerside. Anyone had this problem

if you’re not using easel you have to either set g28.1 before running your program or remove the g28 lines from you gcode

To Clarify this advice.

G28 is a second location other than home that you can define as a “go to” location.

If your GCODE is sending a G28 at the end of a job it will try to go to whatever is stored as this location. I have no idea what that would be.

One way around this is to doing a homing cycle then input a g28.1 command to define what that position is. Now whenever a G28 command is issued it will return there.

one thing i have noticed about this scenario is that if your bit is deep in the job it will return to G28 all at once rather than lift on the Z axis then move on the X/Y Axes, dragging the bit out on an angle. I don’t know how to solve that. I personally just stopped my GCODE from having g28 code in it.

Depending on your post processor that should never happen. For example, Fusion 360 grbl post processor adds these lines:
G28 G91 Z0
G28 X0 Y0

So first moves the Z to G28 and then X and Y, if your gcode is going through your work piece then the post processor you’re using is a bit crap or your Z height when you set your G28 isnt clearing your workpiece.

Btw, i love my G28 pos because i set it where i have good access for my tool changes, so as soon as one pass is finished i can quickly change my tools without having to jog the machine.

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