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Spindle not turning (3018 Pro)

I have a 3018 pro cnc machine. on attempting to router engrave a nameplate today with the easel program, the spindle failed to turn. I have successfully tested the motor with a 9 volt battery and also checked the conductivity of the cable from the motor back to the control panel with no problems. Also the X, Y and Z step motors work successfully and follow the programed path with no problems.
I would be grateful for any suggestions what the problem could be or any ideas of other checks I could make before going to the expense of a new control panel.
Many thanks

Try sending a motor on from command from the easels console. Off the top of my head I think the command is M03. Are you using the woodpecker controller? It may have different pinout than the x-carve controller, especially if it has grbl v1.0 and not 1.1.

Machine–>advanced–>automatic Spindle

That will insert the necessary M3 and M5 commands in your gcode.

Thank you Mike and Neil for your very helpful advice. I have followed your suggestions but unfortunately the spindle still refuses to spin.
It looks as if a new control board is going to be the answer.
Thanks again to you both.