Spindle options on current Xcarve

I am very confused by the spindle options for the current xcarve configuration.

What I have been able to find so far:
The 24vdc that came with xcarve was discontinued.
Dewalt 611 is only 110v ( I am in asia so need 220v)
Dewalt is not controlled through software (without modifications)
Dewalt does not come with er11 (without extra converter)

What I need help with understanding is:

This is really confusing, as the instructions for install spindle have the parts list of 24vdc, which is not even offered, and for the quite cut spindle there is no parts list. Then on the electronic install step 10, the instructions are again for 24vdc.

So, If I get the quite cut spindle 48vdc, is the setup the same as the instructions? From what I find, I need a different power supply for the 48vdc. In that case, can I control the spindle in software as others have the 24vdc?

Basically, I would like the ER11 collet, and to control the spindle in software, as I am used to it starting and stopping automatically, and have my tools setup for specific speeds in my cam software. If I want to do this, is there a full parts list on getting the current offered xcarve 1000mm with the 48vdc spindle, and are there instructions on how to set it up differently than the directions so I know where to do things differently while I am following the instructions for 24vdc?

As a note to the inventables team, in my personal opinion, I think it would be nice to clean up the instructions, and offer the 300w spindle in the configuration for xcarve, as having no options for spindle control in software is a big drawback.

Thanks for reading through,


The quiet cut spindle is not setup the same as the 24vdc original spindle. You cannot control it via software. You can add some external hardware to turn it on and off, added hardware can vary the speed, but not with software.

[Edit] - Acutally if you modify the speed controller that is recommended by the following article, you can control the speed via software using PWM.

This might help: