Spindle Plate Screws

Anyone know where I can find replacement screws for the spindle plate? TWO of mine fell out during operation (not at the same time) and apparently got sucked into my vacuum. I checked the Inventables Shop, but don’t see them. I’d also like to purchase some extras incase this happens again. Thanks.

where are you located, which screws are you missing two of the three small ones?

Amazon.com: K Kwokker Screws Assortment Hex Socket Flat Head 1220Pcs M2 M3 M4 M5 Black Screws, Nuts and Bolts, Alloy Steel Metric Bolt Assortment Machine Screws + 4 Hex Keys : Industrial & Scientific

Thanks for reponding, Ken. I’m missing the spindle plate screws. There are (4) of them that mount in under the router on the dust shoe. I can’t attach an image here, but according to the info on this page (X-Carve Instructions: Dust Control System) the 4 screws are part of the “Dust Shoe Hardware Kit”. Since these are the smallest screws, my best guess is that they are the “M3x8mm Button Head Cap Screws (4x)”. But I don’t just want 2, or 4, I’d like to buy at least 16 of them.

I guess all I needed to do was find the actual size of the screw. A little Amazon search of “M3x8mm Button Head Cap Screws” and I found this: Amazon.com

try your Home Depot/local hardware if you are just a few screws.