Spindle SSR Relay?


I just finished building the Relay Box for my DeWALT D611 but now I’m kinda stuck as I can’t get the Router to work.

Just for Information: The IoT Relay is not an option for me as it’s not available in a 230V variant.

That being said - Here’s an image of my setup:

Should I use PWM instead of 0-10V on the X-Controller?

I hooked a 12V Fan ( which isn’t running either ) to the Input side for cooling purposes - Could this be interfering with the X-Controller/Relay?

10A 530V/AC Relay Spec Sheet PDF
Minimum Turn on Voltage: DC 4V/DC
Maximum Input Current: DC 25mA

The Fusion360 Code has a S16000 M3 Line but even just testing it in EASEL I’m not getting anywhere.

Does the X-Controller require additional settings for this to work?
Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance =)

The control signal is not meant to supply any significant current (about 40ma max). Disconnect the fan from the relay control signal.

From the X-Controller Instructions:

‘For all AC spindles, you can use the PWM signal from the X-Controller to activate a relay to turn the spindle on and off. When going through the machine setup, select the Dewalt 611 and the max RPM will be set to 1. The PWM signal will now act like a simple enable on/off output.’

As @LarryM said, remove the fan connections.

For my control box to power my led lights I just gutted a 12v 1000 mah power supply like what comes with almost anything nowadays. And I just soldered wires to where the metal prongs were and hooked into the high voltage side of the relay . U can run a couple fans with that.

Changed the wiring from 0-10V to PWM and disconnected the 12V Fan from the Input side and it’s working using the S16000 M3 command in UGS.

For now I’ll have to see how the Relay’s Heat Sink performs without active cooling coming from the Fan - Might be working after all.

Thanks to everyone! =)

Mine doesn’t get even warm …

I did a lot of write-up on the SSR’s
Here is a article that will help you wire it up correctly.

If you wire it wrong it could cause problems so please read the primer.
just make sure your not trying to switch the neutral wire.

Not switching the neutral wire goes with any switching situation! I totally agree !