Spindle Stats

I was hoping you could post all of the stats surrounding the new spindle options i.e weight, speeds ect…

Thanks In advance!

Also, what collet does the default 24vdc spindle kit come with if any?

The new spindle has a standard ER-11 collet, same as our Quiet Cut Spindle. It goes up to 15,000 RPM, takes 24v, and is rated at 350 watts.

We did some performance testing of it next to the Quiet Cut Spindle, let me see if I can have someone post that.

So, the new spindle comes standard with a collet for 1/8" diameter bits?
I didn’t see this indicated in the description.

That’s correct, it comes with a collet for 1/8" bits, and you can get another collet to fit 1/4" bits as well: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/er11-a-collets-nuts-and-wrenches

Thanks @MichaelUna !

Just out of curiosity what is the weight of the spindle?

Our postal scale in the warehouse says it weighs 1.16 lbs.

Bonus factoid: word on the street is that this spindle comes from the same factory and is possibly the same component used in a name-brand commercial router that’s popular with the woodworking CNC community. We’re just getting them without the whole injection-molded housing and electronics.

Thanks a ton for weighing it!

Could you also share its lowest RPM??

Here is some additional information about the 24 V spindle.

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MichaelUna replied that the spindle goes up to 18,000 RPM, but the graph from Zach_Kaplan shows a no load speed of only 15,000 RPM. Any idea which is correct?

@MichaelUna where did you get that figure from? The graph I posted is direct from the manufacturer of the spindle.

I must have misheard. Apologies, and thanks for correcting me.

In the 24V Spindle supplied with X carve, is the Collet nut holder mounted onto the Shaft using a set screw? I have a old 24V DC motor which I salvaged from a drill. I was thinking of making a 24V spindle for myself using that. It has a shaft of 5mm. Do Er 11 collet holders come in 5mm diameter shaft and would it be advisable to use it with a set screw (or two).


Maybe I am wrong but if your shaft is round you could file a SMALL amount off to make a subtle flat spot and then a set screw should hold with zero worries. Maybe…

I found some collet holders with 5mm diameter. The diameter is actually a little smaller than 5mm. The suggested method by manufacturer is to heat the collet to expand the hole while cool the motor shaft to contract it. Thereafter insert the collet holder and tighten the set screws. I have ordered the collets and will update as soon as I have them. Till then, I will make a flat on my motor shaft.