Spindle stopped working today mid-project

Unfortunately, that was short lived. Got 80% through a project last night and the spindle stopped and snapped off another of my bits. Not responding to UGS or easel. Zach, what is your recommendation from here? I want a setup that is going to be reliable. I have a 611 router and could use that setup, but it would be nice to leave the Dewalt freed up and have a dedicated spindle for the Xcarve. What do you find is the most reliable setup? I don’t mind spending more if it is going to give me more piece of mind.

Thank you so much! Jason

Hi @JasonCummings here’s a list of spindles we have tested in our shop. My personal favorite is #10 on the list.

Please contact help@inventables so they can send you a return address label for the spindle you have and work with you on the best replacement solution for your situation.

Zach, I have a pending order that I just placed last weekend that includes the 24V spindle. Do you know if this spindle issue is only affecting some of the spindles or are all of the 24V spindles affected. I ask because I already have one of the 48V quiet cut spindles that I could use instead. I was hoping to be able to drop to a single power supply when upgrading to X-Carve, but if the spindle isn’t reliable, then I could just drop the new power supply and spindle and go back to what I was using on my Shapeoko 2 ( 2 power supplies and the spindle speed controller ).

Hi @JamesSinger it is not every spindle. So far I believe there have been 13 reports. We are asking for them back and providing a return address label to send them back to the manufacturer.

If you wish to remove it from your order email help@ and they can take it off.

If you’re willing to take that and the power supply back if it fails, then I’m willing to give it a go. I would much rather a single self contained solution. I just don’t want to get stuck with a power supply I don’t need if the spindle dies an early death.

Yep we are always willing to offer 100% refund. We stand by our product and we will work to make every customer successful.


Since this seems to be the relevant thread, mine was just found dead. Email help@?


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Chances are that the spindle may just stop at some point now, correct? I’d like to get some cutting time in, if not.

On a percentage basis it is a small number of spindles that have had problems. In addition we don’t know the root cause yet because we are still waiting for people that had problem spindles to send them back so we can send them in. We got one last week. We are expecting a few more early next week and then we will send a few of them together for analysis.

At that point I will be able to provide better guidance.

The motor inside this spindle is used in other applications that have significant vibration and they manufacture many orders of magnitude more of them each month than our requirements. This leads me to believe it is not a fundamental flaw in the motor but something specific to our batch.

Also we have had cases where a couple people had 2 bad spindles in a row. This may suggest that there might be an issue with the way they are doing the wiring causing the spindle to fail. That is a hypothesis I really don’t know why this is happening. I used the X-Carve with this spindle in our shop today and it worked great.

I will post more as soon as I find out.

I mean now that I need to spin it up by hand.

I’m confused. Can you please provide more context?

Sorry. You already responded to my, “dead spindle” issue in another thread. It won’t start without being manually spun, just like that other person showed.

EDIT: Not another thread. It was above.

EDIT2: About how long to get tracking info after CS acknowledges?

EDIT3: Never mind. New spindle just arrived. :laughing:

Quick update. We got 4 returned spindles in today. Thanks everyone. We shipped them back to the manufacturer and are now waiting on the analysis from the QA lab.

Beware: My new spindle has 14mm flats on top instead of 13mm.

May I jump in here? I’m thinking about ordering the x-carve. I can’t find anyone on the forum saying any good or bad things about it? Would you buy it again? Thanks, Jene

I love mine… If someone stole it I would order another immediately.

I have had a few issues but they were taken care of quickly either by Inventables or this forum.

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@JeneJohnson - I wouldn’t give mine up for anything. This is the CNC rig I’ve been waiting for for years. I’ve gone back and looked around at other brands, and nobody else even comes close to offering an all-metal machine with this much work area for so little money. Have there been some minor problems? Sure. It’s a brand new product, and there are going to be some growing pains. Has Inventables gone above and beyond to make sure those problems are solved as quickly as possible? You bet! Between the excellent customer service, and the rapidly growing user/knowledge base here on the community forums, I don’t think you’ll find a better support network anywhere. :slight_smile:

@JeneJohnson started a new thread here for good/bad stories about the X-Carve, we should probably leave this thread for future spindle issues :smile:

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Agh, and here I was thinking I was immune. Spindle dead, right when I had a free weekend to play with the new toy :(. Email to the help folks is on it’s way. What do people think is a more robust option?