Spindle turns on at easel setup but not testing

After everything is plugged in and turned on, if I click machine setup in easel, then “confirm settings”, the spindle turns on for a few seconds (i hear the relay), and then turns off. The motors and limit switches work, when I get to the spindle test, turning on/off does nothing.

I have the 300w quite cut spindle, and with the following wiring.

Also, if i unplug the USB, the spindle turns on again (and the potentiometer controls the speed, although I want to control speed through the program, but asked about that on a different topic)

Regarding Easel SETUP turning on the spindle, then off a few seconds later.
Easel SETUP did the same for me. I think it is by design (safety?).

Maybe someone else can confirm, but I do not think you need a relay with the Quiet Cut spindle.
Speed control (RPM and ON/OFF) is built in to that controller board you have attached to your power supply.
The relay AND your external speed controller complicates your setup quite a bit…
Is this what you have attached to your power supply?

After looking at your setup - you should simplify…

Take out that PCB from your 24V supply and wire the motors directly via the 24V power supply screw terminals. Cut a power cord and wire that directly to the 24V power supply as well for AC.

Take the PCB and attach it your your 48V supply, and wire the PWM from the GShield into the 2 PIN on the PCB. Wire the spindle to your PCB terminals 1 & 2.
See this PDF for terminal assignments

Do you have your current setup like so for a reason, or due to inexperience?

Hi Jeremy,

My current setup is solely from following the directions on inventables, no other reason. I combined the directions with this upgrade http://blog.inventables.com/2014/06/shapeoko-upgrade-quite-cut-spindle-with.html

Could you clarify the “2 PIN on the PCB”? In the normal directions, this is the yellow/black wire you are referring to?

It sounds like you are saying to get rid of the relay and speed controller, put the yellow wire from arduino to the 48vdc power supply (after switching the front cover, it will be called “Logic”) and put the spindle red/black wire into the 48vdc power supply (after switching front cover, it will be called Spindle +/-. What would I do about the ground wire (black one that goes next to the “logic”), since the arduino will have a different ground now right?


Wire the black and yellow pair of wires to the 2 wire green screw terminal.
The red and black wires to the spindle go to the 4 wire green screw terminal.

For the 2 wire screw terminals You will have to read the link to the schematic to figure out which is ground and signal.
Same for determining which of the 4 wire terminals is spindle plus and spindle minus.

See post 3 for clearer advice on how to power your stepper motors from the 24v supply.

I see where the pwm/gnd goes on the 2-wire, but I am asking if I should be connecting the grounds between the 24v and 48v power supply? It would be the yellow and black wires from the grbl (powred by 24v supply) going to the 48vdc, is that right?

Im not sure what the difference is you are talking about with the motors, the motors are already powered by connecting them to the GRBL Shield, which is powered by the 24v power supply now. Are you saying to change that?

Thank you

On a side note, why are the upgrade instructions all so confusing with extra hardware if I only needed to buy one 48vdc power supply? Even the checkout on inventables recommends the relay and spindle speed controllers.

i do not think you need to connect any grounds of any power supplies together.

Let’s get back on track.
Others can hopefully chime in as well.

  1. move the controller pcb from your 24V supply to your 48V supply
    This will give your spindle speed control.
  2. take the yellow and black from the GRBL shield and wire it to the 2 wire screw terminal on the controller pcb (that is on 48V) PS.
  3. wire the spindle to the 4 wire screw terminal.
  4. plug in the AC cord to the 48V supply
  5. rewire your 24V supply with a new AC power cord
    This will require cutting the IEC end of a AC power cord and wiring it directly to your 24V supply
  6. wire the motor power wires from the GRBL to the 24V DC.

All above connections must follow the correct polarity. And AC safety!!!

Honestly This is confusing because you followed one blog post that is not using a 48V spindle or using PWM from the GRBL.
Unfortunately I think the current X-Carve instructions explain out all above but are still using the 24V spindle. Not the 48. But they are still worth a read.

FYI if all above fails , plan B is to fix your current setup and use all your components minus the relay.
Leave the 24V ps with the controller pcb attached and wire up the 48V ps, spindle, and PWM to your 300W speed controller.

Yes. Do my plan B.
Remove the relay and wire the yellow and black to your speed controller :smile:

Thanks for all the detail. I was confusing the yellow/black wire as earth ground, which is why i was asking about grounding the power supplies.

However, i tried plan B first because it was simple. When i click “turn spindle on”, its like it sends a pulse to the spindle and then shuts off. Even when starting to carve, it does the same thing.

In universal gcode sender, i was able to start the spindle at 2000, but then it says “hard limit reached” and quickly turns off.

So I went with method you originally described. Now the machine is always in alarm mode, including after I home.

Which might not be a spindle problem. But, using universal gcode sender, and moving the machine manually away from limit switches, then pressing $X to ignore the alarm, the m03 s2000/ m05 commands do nothing. Again, if i switch to ‘on’, the spindle turns on, just doesnt do anything in ‘logic’ mode. Here is images of new setup.