Spindle upgrade


We own a 500*500 X-Carve (old version) with the default spindle (24V from Inventables).

While it if fine for big objects, it is unfortunately not very precise. On hard materials, I can’t get it to cut smoothly.

I have identified two “loose” points:

  • The rotating axis itself is quite loose with regards to the spindle itself. I mean that the axis does move a little even though the spindle body is not moving at all. I loose ~0.5mm precision on hard materials as the end mill has some precession issues. (The 0.5mm are compared to a pillar drill which hold the end mill much more firmly)
  • When I use big end mills (6mm for example), I see precession just by turning the spindle on. I don’t know exactly the reason (end mill too heavy?). I loose 1.5mm precision due to that effect. Again, the result is perfect with the same end mill using our pillar drill.

Is there an X-Carve compatible spindle that would address our issues?

Thank you.

Dewalt 611 or Makita RT700 might be worth a check, many use them with great success :slight_smile:

Sounds like your main issue with the current spindle is run-out and a larger and better supported axle (larger BB’s) will improve your results.