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Spindle wont spin

Everything was working great. But now when I go to carve the spindle wont spin.

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Won’t come on or is stuck and you can not turn it by hand?

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I had this issue when trying to be a bit too aggressive with my carve speeds… Hitting the eStop, then turning it back on seemed to fix it all.

Is the spindle set to 24v and automatic, with an rpm set, in easel?

that happened to me right now. Tried hitting the eStop and turning it back on didn’t do anything

It automatically turns it on when it goes through the check list process in Easel. It just wasn’t turning on, and it was like Easel had no idea something wasn’t working.

I turned it off, came back the next day and it worked just fine.

I turned it off for the night came back and it didn’t happen again. It seams that I just try as hard as I can to not use the estop. It seems that the whole machine kind of struggles to come back after an e-stop.

So my buddy said to try a hard reset and unplug it from the outlet and replug it in. It worked thank god

So I’ve just had this issue where the spindle won’t turn on. I have the x-carve pro. I have tried unplugging it from my computer… I have tried unplugging it from the wall… I have tried unplugging cables from the e-stop box… I’m not sure what to do and I’m getting very frustrated.
It was just working like half an hour ago. I used the e-stop because it plunged too deep (another issue entirely. I was running a program I’d just run successfully minutes earlier and it went twice the depth it was meant to at least… So I don’t know what happened there) and jogged the machine out the way so I could get the piece off the wasteboard. Now the spindle won’t turn on. I don’t know what else to troubleshoot.

I presume the vfd needs reset.