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Spindle won't spin

Hi, when I start a project, the machine starts out right but then when it starts to carve, the spindle won’t spin and so the bit is just banging into the wood. I really need help because I use this for a business and I don’t know how to make the spindle work! Thanks!

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What spindle? I am going to assume the Dewalt 611. If so check the brushes.

We would love to help, but we need more information, Jodi.
Such as: what is your setup?
What spindle are you running?
Has the spindle worked before?
What are the circumstances of the spindle no longer working?
Have you verified that the spindle has power, and is able to manually turn on?

Well I’m not sure what kind it is. It is the one that just came with the carvey. I’ve had it for 3 months and it has been working fine until it just suddenly stopped working yesterday.

Sorry I should have read the category
Contact Inventables support/customer service.
They are very helpful.

@JodiDudek Are you running everything through easel?

Yes Neil I am running everything in easel and doing simple carving projects like letters carved into poplar wood.

Do you know how to enter commands through the machine inspector?
Home the machine, make sure everything is clear of the spindle, and send
M3 S8000

Anything happen?

Hi Neil, just picking up this thread from last year because I am having the same problem. I input this line in the machine inspector and it looks like the light above the router bit has turned on but no other effect so far.

I had the same problem. In easel, go to Machine, set the Spindle Control to Automatic and click on Set up your machine