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Spindle wont start up after touching off the tool

Hi Everybody,

A little problem with my carvey. It hasn’t been used in about a half year to a year because the pin inside the usb port broke. Finally got a new usb and soldered it on. Turn the machine on home. I did a basic square shape just to make sure everything ran smoothly, The bit touches off and proceeds to start the carve but the spindle wont spin. All the connections on the motherboard are connected. Also went into machine inspector and tried to enter it manually and nothing happened.


I would place a phone call or an email to inventables support, as something may have been damaged when the usb pin broke

Got it all figured out. Everything is running smoothly again.

@IyrsMml What was the issue?

The Black wire from the spindle disconnected. Re soldered that all back together and ran a test cut. Ran perfectly.