Spirals in Easel

Is there a way to draw spirals in Easel? I want to make a maze that spirals consistently inward and then back out again.
Thanx Craig

you mean like this?

Yes. How do I, a beginner, do that? And then, assuming the tool is following the black path, how do I turn around and follow a parallel path back out? Thanx for your help, I am new at this and for some reason everything is not clicking into place as I think it should.

Here is an SVG I created in Inkscape, right click file save as and then open it easel and play around with settings

Cool. Thanx. That will help me get started faster. I am not familiar with Inkscape yet, how is the spiral done so know in the future?

There is a spiral tool in Inkscape, makes it easy


Here is an svg I made for you this a try import it into easel

a super easy way to create almost an svg from an image is to use this website I think i works better than the image trace app in easel



what is the app in easel that you use to make sprials? never mind i cant read lol how do you make a spiral in Inkscape that does not have that little piece in the middle that is not straight?


here is another spiral a double spiral like you where looking for using that website just import into easel and delete the box around it and your good to go

Sweet. Thank you. I guess I need to learn Inkscape as well as Easel and other good stuff.