Spirited away no-face carve

as i start to get better at both fusion 360 and my x-carve i wanted to push myself a little more so i modeled the character “no-face” from the anime feature “spirited away” in fusion 360 and carved it up on my x-carve

it’s cut out of MDF using a 1/16 flat head for the initial 2D pocket clearing and finished with a 1/16 ballhead for the parallel finishing pass. G-coded each pass out of fusion 360 CAM environment and brought in as separate paths in easel

probably could have went with a slightly smaller stepover on the finishing pass, but nothing a light sanding can’t handle

the final piece will be a hanging wall sconce and this part will eventually be added to a yet to his created body and i will be creating his hands out of polymer clay and they will hold a small tray for a battery operated tealight candle to sit