Splitting a 3D Carve into multiple depth pieces

I have a model of North Carolina that I would like to produce in roughly 24 width, 12 height and 1" depth. The terrain of the file is very mountainous in the west and nearly flat in the east.

Does Easel Pro have the ability to split or somehow set the file to only carve down to a certain depth? If so I could cut the model in 3 pieces, 1 for the mountainous area, 1 for the middle area and 1 for the lower area and vary my wood choices.

I started a test carve and very quickly abandoned after realizing that the dust shoe was going to cause problems as it would collide with parts of the model on the z axis and that the model could not contain a raised border ( ie the original material in full height ) so I have to carve the entire z axis surface down, or leave a ton of space between the model and the border wall.

Has anyone else attempted something like this and found success?

Thanks in advance.