Spoilboard/Wasteboard Drawing

Hey all, for those of us that decided to make our own spoilboard instead of purchasing the screen printed one, I’ve worked on a drawing to help people mill out their own. I have it available in DWG or SVG formats. I do have grids in both the stock MM grid, and an Inch grid for those here in the US.


Great, we like to see DWG or DXF files posted.

How do you intend mill something that is bigger than the cutting area of the CNC?

The drawings could be printed out full size and cut initially on a table saw. Attach it to your machine and then you can engrave the grid lines of you want and drill the holes for the inserts. All of that falls within your cutting area.

Screen I can see on the picture exactly work area of 1000 machine. It works.I’m surfacing my spoil board 31.25" X, 32" Y.

Where/when will files be posted? :wink:

I’ll post them on my website tomorrow.

Here’s the link to the DWG and SVG files. Enjoy.




Thank you. I’ve bookmarked this thread for future use.

I’d like to get the SVG file for these if anyone still has them.