Square Z axis

So I’ve been looking and cant find thd info I need so I’m reaching out here again. I watched Mr. Lunsford update his X carve to the Makita, at which time he mentioned to be sure to square the plate to the Z axis. Well golly gee, that makes sense, I never did and he mentions that this will cause an uneven finish to the bottom of the sign. Well I went out and tore mine apart and kept looking farther back if you will and discovered that the Z axis is off top to bottom as you look at it. The cross member is square to the board but I can’t get the Z axis to move in either direction and figured the only wag to accomplish this was by the adjustable V wheels. I hope this makes sense, I dont have pictures but can get some if needed. TIA… geo

The industry term for what your doing is called tramming. If you need to anglenit front to back or back to front you can either add shims between the router clamp plate OR loose the screws at the 2 sides of the gantry and twist it b4 tightening them back

The only thing Tim did wrong in this video is one needs a board that you’ve surfaced using the cnc as your work surface to tram to otherwise its won’t be trammed perfectly…

So the gantry is square to the board (cross member). So shims arw the answer?

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