Squaring up z-axis

I’m trying to square up my z-axis. Using my try square, I can see I have about a hair of discrepancy between top and bottom of the spindle mount. A slight forward lean of about 0.3 mm. Not much, but a little bit of inaccuracy here, a little bit of inaccuracy there - it all adds up.

The logical adjustment point are the four bolts on either end of the gantry extrusion; loosen bolts + twist extrusion (as far as possible) + retighten did get rid of the worst of the z-axis forward lean, but I still have a little bit more I need to shake.

Do I need to shim the z-axis to get it dead-square, or are there other points of adjustment i’m overlooking?

You can shim or drill the holes larger to get more twist. I shimmed. Some have used paper, thin plastic, pop cans. I used feeler guages.

OK. Looks like it’s Dremel time. Knocking off the paint around the holes should provide more than enough adjustment scope.

Thanks for the idea.

Here is a link to a discussion about it. There are several more. Try searching for tramming

Problem solved. Thanks for your help, good sirs. :slight_smile:

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