Squaring Z-Axis

So I’ve been going through the forums and looking for info on squaring up the z-axis. Pretty much everything points to squaring it up front to back by adjusting the x rails. I’ve had no real issue with that, but I spent some time tweaking it again last night just to be safe. My real problem is that the z is out of square side-to-side, with it tipped ever so slightly to the left (see pic, hopefully it illustrates my issue). It is enough to create ridges in my work when I do any kind of surfacing or pocketing. I have found mention of using dial indicators to check for out of square and check runout. But there’s no real info on HOW to make the adjustment if it is out of square side-to-side. What are my options? I’m feeling like maybe I need to open up one of the fixed v-wheel holes on the spindle mount to allow the mount to be adjusted. Are there other/better options that I might be missing?

Check the v wheels. I had a similar issue and found one to be loose enough. Also check the maker slide alignment.

V-wheels are all tight. The z makerslide seems like it may be the culprit. But again, what are my options for adjustment? I guess as I’m thinking about this, I could shim between the z motor plate and the z makerslide in order to tweak the angle of the makerslide.

Edit… as I’m reading through the instructions again, it looks like I could probably get the adjustment I need by just loosening the 2 screws that mount the MS to the x carriage. Typing it all out seems to make it so much clearer in my head!

The 2 screws at the bottom of the X carriage are how you can make minor adjustments. I made mine square by clamping the edge of a framing square to the spindle mount before tightening the 2 screws. I also squared mine up front to back by sticking business card shims in between the Z makerslide and the X carriage.

You can check for out of square by doing a large pocket with a large bit, like a 3/4" surfacing bit. Any out of square will be magnified and make those ridges, so you can get it almost perfect.

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Thanks, I will take a stab at that tonight, focusing on those lower screws.