Ssd-40 relay

I just purchase the european version of dewalt 611,
And thinking too make it come on auto With a relay ssd-40,
Is it right too make the connections like tha picture abow

But what too do With the ground that come from the router
I have a x carve With a x controller

Ground goes directly to the wall . but I dont think the router has a ground. Because its double isolated. Is there a drawing of two squere in each other.
Dont look to the grammer faults. English is not my native langues.


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Ok, thankyou ,i am from sweden

I did not recive My router yhet , so you think there is Only 2 cables
In the router ?

But the connection should bee as it is in the picture ?

( and its safe when there is no ground cable connected?)

Rather than cutting the cord to the router, I purchased an extension cord which I connected through the relay. Router plugs directly into the extension cord; simple and easy. No different than the drawing except you would have an electrical socket where the router is.

Make sure your SSD has a heat sink on it.
I wrote a bit on this in another thread.

There have been others wanting to do this.
Here is a primer on SSD’s It has a lot of useful info.

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