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Stacked Text sign

Here’s a stacked text sign I recently made for a friend of my wife’s family.

It was designed in Aspire. I think using the different color stains really does the trick!


Wow! That is neat!

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Nice work.

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That’s beautiful! How long did it take to carve that? I’m betting it wasn’t a quick one. I love it though. Well worth the time.

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Very cool! Can you give us some more detail about the finishing process? How did you apply the different colors of stain? What kind of sealer did you use?

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Wow, I like how that came out. That is darn impressive, the multicolour stain really does pop that out nicely!

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It took about 3.5 hours total to carve. The first “layer” itself took about 2 hours. I was very happy how it turned out!

My wife did the finishing on this one, and she used small paint brushes to apply the darker stain (I think it was walnut) to the letters of the last name. She used a natural stain on the first name lettering, ebony stain on the “Est. Dec 11 '84”, and then cherry stain on the remainder of the plaque. After all the dried, we used spray on clear coat.

Is Aspire and Vcarve pretty close? I am working on Vcarve Pro trial software trying to design something like this for my friends wedding,

Having a problem where the letters overlap with “Open Vectors” and not sure how you got it to leave the open area where the letters overlap

I think they are fairly close, but I am almost certain that Vcarve can do the stacked text the same as Aspire.

Here’s a PDF file that explains how to stack text that should help you out:
TEXT ON TEXT VCarving.pdf (271.1 KB)

It took me a while to figure it out even after reading the file, so hopefully you catch on faster than I did.

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Thanks, appreciate it

Yah that’s tough to understand, are you doing V bit tool path with the flat area clearance?

I’ve done several stacked text plaques using VCarve Desktop. It gets easier the more you do it. :smile:

I read the process Tarry posted but found a simpler explanation that got me started on it: Stacked_Text.rtf (1.8 KB)

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Bills article dumbed it down enough I could finally understand how to do it. But think about how much easier it would be if we could use vbits in easel. This took less then 5 minutes to make.

I’ll give this a go tomorrow after work. Thanks!

That definitely makes it easier to understand and follow!

How long did that take?

For the carve itself, it took about 3.5 hours. For the fuzzy clean-up/staining/clear coat, about another 2 hours.

Fuzzy Cleanup? How do you do this?

Usually when I do signs like this, there tends to be “fuzzies” (wood fibers) around the lettering and areas carved with a V-bit, so use a brass wire brush and/or sandpaper to remove them.