Stacking Upper Cabinets

Hey Friends,

Anyone get word of when we’ll be able to stack upper cabinets?

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the question. Stacking of upper cabinets is something we are still working on. I am not able to provide a timeline for this specific feature. We deploy features continuously so when this is available we will update this thread as well as include it in the weekly updates posts that we make.
Are you wanting to stack two uppers over a base?
If you want to provide me with more specific feedback about your use case so I can better understand your needs, please send me an email at. and we can have a video call.


Hi Ben,

Stacking two uppers over a base is exactly what I am referring to. There are some kitchens and or rooms that have high ceilings where our clients want their cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling. Currently we are not able to provide a way to graphically represent stacking of uppers (2 or more above base cabs).

Just wanted to get a feel for when (possibly) we might be able to see something of the sort.